In Koshu in a home country of a Nanbu Family from 1625, Suzuki Family cast Buddhist altar fittings, a temple bell and served the order of the feudal clan from generation to generation. Morihisa in 13th generation received national designation in 1974 as the intangible cultural treasure on which he should have the crackdown by which a record is making. And Ararenanbugata iron kettle (Suzuki Family 11th generation Kihachi making) was a commemorative stamp of a series of traditional handicrafts of sale on August 8, 1985. The making is continued, defending traditional technology at present.

  • Morihisa Suzuki, 十二支紋釜
    Morihisa Suzuki
    H5 1/2 x W10 1/4 x D10 1/4 in
    H14 x W26 x D26 cm