Sho Kishino’s art works represent a release of spirit and modest, spiritual philosophy from beginning to end. Kishino uses old timber found from Japanese temples and shrines he discovers in the mountains and in riverbeds. He communes with the spirit that resides within the wood then abandons self to produce these sculptures. His works embody a feeling of 'emptiness' and can be described as a fusion of Giacometti and Zen Buddhism.


Brief Biography

1972 Born in Kyoto. His father, Tadataka Kishino, is a painter of the Suiboku-ga (Ink wash painting) tradition.

1991 Studied Japanese painting under Hajime Fukui

1996 Graduated from Aichi University of the Arts


Solo Exhibitions

2013 Ippodo Gallery, New York

2014 Sculptural Objects Functional Art (SOFA), Chicago

Shibunkaku, Ginza, Tokyo

2015 Collect: International Art Fair for Modern Craft and Design

Ippodo Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

2016 Takashimaya Department Store, Osaka

Takashimaya Department Store, Nihonbashi, Tokyo

2018 Takashimaya Department Store, Osaka

Shibunkaku, Ginza, Tokyo

2019 Takashimaya Department Store, Nihonbashi, Tokyo


Group Exhibitions

2012 Exhibition with his brother Kan Kishino; Takashimaya Department Store, Yokohama

2014 Exhibition with his brother Kan Kishino; Takashimaya Department Store, Yokohama 

2017 Exhibition with his brother Kan Kishino; Takashimaya Department Store, Yokohama 

2019 Exhibition with his brother Kan Kishino; Takashimaya Department Store, Kyoto

2020 Exhibition with his brother Kan Kishino; Matsuzakaya Department Store, Nagoya


Prominent Collections

2018 International University of Health and Welfare, Tokyo Akasaka Campus


  • Sho Kishino, 坐(春日山杉), 2022
    Sho Kishino
    坐(春日山杉), 2022
    H4 7/8 x W5 3/4 x D1 3/4 in
    H12.5 x W14.5 x D4.5 cm
  • Sho Kishino, 羅漢(梅・鉄板), 2022
    Sho Kishino
    羅漢(梅・鉄板), 2022
    H7 7/8 x W2 1/2 x D1 5/8 in
    H20 x W6.2 x D4 cm
  • Sho Kishino, 人(掛)
    Sho Kishino
    H9 1/2 x W5 1/4 x D1 1/2 in
    H24.2 x W13.4 x D3.9 cm
  • Sho Kishino, 歩く人(京都禅寺古材桧・木津川石)
    Sho Kishino
    H8 1/4 x W2 1/2 x D2 in
    H21 x W6.5 x D5 cm
  • Sho Kishino, 羅漢
    Sho Kishino
    H14 3/4 x W3 x D3 in
    H37.4 x W7.7 x D7.7 cm
  • Sho Kishino, 老
    Sho Kishino
    H4 1/4 x W1 x D1 5/8 in
    H10.8 x W2.4 x D4.1 cm
  • Sho Kishino, 雨
    Sho Kishino
    H6 x W4 1/8 x D2 1/4 in
    H15.2 x W10.4 x D5.8 cm
  • Sho Kishino, 鳥(盆栽杜松根・木津川石)
    Sho Kishino
    H8 5/8 x W10 1/4 x D5 7/8 in
    H22 x W26 x D15 cm