Member of Japan Kogei Association

1952 Born in Haneda, Tokyo

1972 Studied bamboo art under IIZUKA Shokansai (Living National Treasure)

1976 Opened a bamboo craft studio in Sunamachi, Koto Ward, Tokyo

1988 Relocated studio to Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture

1996 July to August: Group exhibition of bamboo art at Felissimo Design House, New York

2001 Solo exhibition at Daimaru Department Store, Tokyo

2003 Solo exhibition and NHK broadcast from the Gangetsu-an Tea Room, Shiroyama Park, Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture

2004 Solo exhibition at Ippodo Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

2009 Invited to exhibit for "The New Bamboo - Modern Japanese Masters-" at Oita Prefectural Art Museum

2011 Exhibited, lectured on bamboo craft for "From Father Shokansai to the Apprentices" about Iizuka Shokansai in Ota City, Gunma Prefecture

2012 Selected for "Exhibition of Tea Ceremony Today- Utility and Form", at Musée Tomo, Toranomon, Tokyo

2013 Exhibited in "The birth of modern bamboo art" at the Tochigi Kuranomachi Museum of Art

Relocated to Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture

2017 Solo exhibition at Ippodo New York

2019 Collaborated with LOEWE (Spanish fashion brand) to release bamboo products for Milan Fashion Week

  • Hafu Matsumoto, 網代編手付大花籃
    Hafu Matsumoto
    H14 5/8 x W18 1/8 x D18 1/8 in
    H37 x W46 x D46 cm
  • Hafu Matsumoto, 煤竹手桶花入, 2019
    Hafu Matsumoto
    煤竹手桶花入, 2019
    H16 1/4 x W3 7/8 x D2 1/2 in
    H41.2 x W9.7 x D6.2 cm
  • Hafu Matsumoto, 縄目つる首花籃, 2019
    Hafu Matsumoto
    縄目つる首花籃, 2019
    H9 x W4 3/4 x D4 3/4 in
    H22.8 x W12.2 x D12.2 cm