Masaaki Miyasako - Ichui -: - 色 不 異 空 -

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 (Opening hours: 11:00 - 18:00 Closed: Monday)




‘Form’ is a physical phenomenon
of tangible objects.
‘Emptiness’ is a void,
it is the state of emptiness.
Nothing stands between ‘form’ and ‘emptiness,’
The two are the same.

If we start counting from the number ‘1’ we come once more to ‘one’
but along the way we must pass through ‘zero.’
In the same way, things with form and things without
all exist along the same axis.

For this exhibition
I have experimented using painting
as a form of tangible expression,
and calligraphy as a form of abstract writing,
expressing them both along the same axis.

Depicting things that are invisible within the painting
Hiding the meaning that exists within the calligraphy.

Blending ‘emptiness and form’
I have wandered through a world
that is neither painting nor calligraphy.