The leading dyed Kimono of special selection - Kyo Yuzen

Yasube Kanaya in the historical house ”Noguchi” started the money exchanger of Kimono in 1733 in Aburakoji-shijyo, Kyoto. Afterwards, The tea room of Kobori-ensyu moved into the house was designated a tangible cultural property from Kyoto city. Designs of the Momoyama era’s Kimono came out of the warehouse are the exactly elegant and feminine for the beautiful scents.

*Kyoyuzen is one of Kyoto’s traditional handicrafts, dyed by the fan artist Yuzensai Miyazaki during the Genroku period. It was painted on a white cloth of silk fabric and dyed, and it was exposed by the flow of the Mamo river and had bright colors, recently moved to the suburbs.