The 4th ”Flying Bird Exhibition”

The New Year where the era changed its name has come to a close.

This commemorative 2019 year, Ippodo Gallery starts with the 4th ”Flying Bird Exhibition”.

In the sports world of last year, young athletes in their 10’s and 20’s played spectacular activity and surprised the world. Meanwhile, in the world of art, artists are working on making art works after repeated efforts on a steady daily basis. Now that society changes greatly, such as global environment, politics, economy, and distribution, even if AI goes beyond human capability, the kind and beautiful things that human beings create using hands, passionate, and friendly and beautiful things are sublime. It seems to be meaningful. And the thing echoes in the heart of the viewer and gives something. I believe that it will not change no matter what time comes ...

This time in Ippodo Gallery, different young artists of 20 genres gathered, each raised consciousness and made it over time because of the ”Flying Bird Exhibition”. I am filled with appreciation. Although it is not gaudy like the sports world, I want them to fly over the sky towards the art market in the world. The world is waiting for the things they create. By all means, please see their work and become a supporter and thank you for your continued support.
Let’s send out yell to the young Japanese artists ”Flying Birds” by everyone.
’Japan Cha Cha Cha! Japan Cha Cha Cha!’