Ceramic artist Yasushi Fujihira, Having studied pottery under his father, Shin Fujihira, he went on to develop his own unique, flowing forms that are finished in a beautiful, soft, matte-silver tone. With close comparison, his forms are that similar to his father’s but carry a different sense of spirit as they hold a more metallic, unglazed appearance.

1963 Born in Kyoto City
1987 Graduated from Kansai University, Faculty of Letters
1988 Graduated from the Kyoto Prefectural Vocational Training School of Ceramic Arts
1990 Received the Mayor's Award at the Kyoto Arts Exhibition
Selected for Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition (also in ‘92, ‘94, ‘95)
1991 Received Honorable Mention at the Ceramics Biennale
1994 Solo exhibition at Takashimaya Department Store in Osaka (also in ‘96) Solo exhibition at Daimaru Kyoto Store
2008 Selected for Ceramic Art Grand Prize Exhibition of Paramita Museum

  • Yasushi Fujihira, 階段のある家
    Yasushi Fujihira
    H4 3/8 x W2 3/8 x D1 3/8 in
    H11 x W6 x D3.5 cm