1937 Born in Kita-Kyushu in Fukuoka

1971 Went to Eihei-ji (Eihei temple) to learn the practice of Zen. Begins excavation on ancient Karatsu ceramic pieces at Hizen area and creating Karatsu works.

1975 Received a Buddhist priest name “Zenkai Hogetsu” by a Zen master, Reirin Yamada, while building a rising kiln on the premises of Handa Joraku-ji (Joraku temple) in Karatsu.

1987 Built his own kiln named “Yamase” at ancient kiln site which is 700 meters above sea level.

1994 Solo exhibition in New York.

1996 Excavated and researched on Korean ceramics while working at Da Ming kiln, Sancheong in Korea.

2003 Built the rising kiln named “Kizan” at Ulsan, which was offered by Mr. Kim Tein.

2009 Solo exhibition in Korea.

2011 Solo exhibition in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi

  • Sajiro Tanaka, 赤垸「朱雲一碗」, 2017
    Sajiro Tanaka
    赤垸「朱雲一碗」, 2017
    H2 7/8 x W5 1/2 x D5 1/2 in
    H7.4 x W13.9 x D13.9 cm