Mitsukuni Misaki

While studying law in university, a chance meeting with Fujio Koyama led Mitsukuni Misaki to take up ceramic art. 

He specializes in colored slipware, working the clay by hand, then scratching the surface with a spoon to apply decoration. 
Sincere and free of avarice his character exudes a feeling of desolation. 
He has received the Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition’s Chichibunomiya Trophy and the Grand Prix at the Kikuchi biennale, but success has not changed him. 
In the same way that the poet, Basho Matsuo, devoted himself to travel, Misaki dedicates himself to working the clay and producing ceramics. 
Instead of the rustic simplicity and understated elegance of the tea ceremony, he aims to create a form of beautiful elegance, sometimes applying colors like those of the Western artist, Rothko, to create a modern, pictorial beauty. 
This will be his first solo exhibition at the Ippodo Gallery for six years and we look forward to seeing you in Mitsukuni Misaki’s ‘Another World.’